Via Comic Natalie: Tsukasa Ooshima’s football manga “Shoot!” will be adapted into a completely new TV anime series, slated for broadcast in 2022! Titled “Shoot! Goal to the Future“, the show will be animated by EMT Squared.

The original “Shoot!” manga began serialisation in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1990 to 2003, where it won the Kodansha Award for Shounen Manga. The manga has been translated and published in numerous local languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian. The first TV anime adaptation was produced in 1993, and it was also adapted into a live-action movie starring Japanese mega-boyband SMAP in 1994.

“Shoot!” centres on the trials and tribulations of the boy’s football club from Kakegawa High School, which transformed into the strongest team in Japan and went on to win the national championship. “Shoot! Goal to the Future” picks up where the story left off, with former vice-captain Atsushi Kamiya returning to Kakegawa High School to rebuild the now-weakened squad.