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Director: Tomonori Sudo 

Screenplay: Akira Hiyama (ufotable) 

Music: Yuki Kajiura 

Original Story: Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON 


  • Noriaki Sugiyama as Shirō Emiya
  • Noriko Shitaya as Sakura Matō
  • Ayako Kawasumi as Saber Alter
  • Kana Ueda as Rin Tohsaka
  • Mai Kadowaki as Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Joji Nakata as Kirei Kotomine 

Runtime: 122mins 

Movie「Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]」Ⅲ.spring song

“I’m determined to become a hero of justice for Sakura.” 

To save the girl...to enact the justice he’s chosen... The young man will no longer turn a blind eye to the truth. 

Mages (Masters) and Heroic Spirits (Servants) work together in the battles of the Holy Grail War...a fight for an omnipotent wish-granting container called the Holy Grail. However, this war has become horribly twisted. 

A young woman named Sakura Matou, with the sins she has committed, drowns in the murky darkness. A young man named Shirou Emiya, who vowed to protect Sakura, works together with Rin Tohsaka and throws himself into the raging battle to put a stop to the Holy Grail War. Illyasviel von Einzbern, as one of the few who knows the truth behind the conflict, confronts her own fate, while Zouken Matou uses Sakura to try to fulfill his own desires. 

“That’s why...you’ll need to grit your teeth, Sakura.” 

Will the young man’s wish reach her even as he challenges fate itself, battling against the rising tide? 

The Holy Grail War is coming to an end... The final battle is about to begin.

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