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AFA STATION Special Event: Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-

Ticket to access “AFA STATION Special Event: Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-” concert
Do note that this concert is limited to viewers residing in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Date: 4 September 2020
Time: Starts at 18:00 GMT +8 (SGT)

Tickets for this live-stream concert is available at SGD$35. Ticket options include free access to Akiba Town Online (30 Aug). Price excludes $1 handling fee

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AFA STATION Special Event: Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro- T&C TERMS AND CONDITIONS

4 September 2020 –  AFA STATION Special Event: Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-

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  4. This performance is only available via online video distribution. Delivery time is scheduled and may change. No ticketing (collection) is required. You can proceed to the video viewing page from “Purchase history details” by selecting a performance from “Purchase history list” in “My Orders Page”.
  5. This performance / broadcast is strictly only available for viewing in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.  Viewers tuning in from countries outside specified markets will not be able to view this  performance / broadcast.
  6. Ticket is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Ticket may not be resold, nor redistributed or used for any commercial or marketing event, activity, promotion or purpose, without the prior written consent of SOZO. SOZO reserves the right to cancel any Tickets that have been transferred or resold or redistributed or otherwise used without the prior written consent of SOZO, and to deny any such Ticket holder entry.
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  11. After purchasing the ticket, refunds cannot be made for any reason other than postponement or cancellation of the performance. We will not refund the viewing fee even if the performers are cancelled or changed, or if the performance ends midway.
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  17. If you watch it from the middle, it will be delivered live from that point.
  18. Recommended environment for watching videos

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19. SOZO Pte Ltd (“SOZO”)  reserves the rights, without refund and compensation, to refuse admission or evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate. 20. Singapore law shall govern the sale of all Tickets and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction the Singapore courts